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Regular Footers Win at Etnies GvR

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

As I had written previously, Goofy vs. Regular was going down and it did. And not only that, but it came down to a point where the judges couldn’t even decide on a winner. Wow! I am not even kidding about that.

etnies gvr

The competition was so close they ended up settling everything with a two-on-two tag team game of skate. From there, the Regulars took the win. Not sure a game of skate was the best way to settle it though, basically they put the entire hands of a team on two guys? And a few tricks? Not quite what I had in mind for a contest settler. Not only that, but the way they played the game of skate was insane. Probably the hardest version of SKATE possible. Basically anything goes but it had to be done on the designated section. So if someone did a kickflip 5-0 ,kickfliped out, landed to manual and then threw another kickflip out. Then that would be the trick that the opposing team member would have to try. A little to crazy if you ask me.

Props to the regulars for winning. In my book, and I’m sure in many others, both teams won this contest. That and everyone keeps over shadowing this but if you can, get a chance to check the footage of Christian Hosoi in the bowl competition, or should I say “Masters” competition. The dude looks like he was reincarnated into his young self again. Huge airs and the energy of a 20 year old. Pretty amazing and inspiring to see someone of his age throwing it down like that.

Overall, the entire GVR contest was off the hook. Next year hopefully they come up with some other way to settle a tie if that were to occur again. Maybe like a best trick competition or something. Either way both stances killed it this year. Here are the results.

Regular Team
1. Team MVP Chris Cole* – $17,000
2. Andrew Langi – $10,000
3. Julian Christianson* – $6,000
4. Carlos de Andrade – $3,500
5. Chris Troy* – $3,500
6. David Loy – $1,000
7. Fabrizio Santos – $1,000
8. Rick McCrank* – $2,000
9. Kurtis Colamonico – $1,000
10. Austen Seaholm – $1,000
11. Sean Malto* – $2,000
12. Steve Reeves – $1,000
13. Chris Mendes – $1,000
14. Adam Dyet – $1,000
15. Danilo Do Rosario – $1,000

Goofy Team
1. Tyler Hendley* – $2,000
2. Jereme Rogers* – $2,000
3. Team MVP Justin Figueroa – $2,000
4. Rodolfo Ramos – $1,000
5. Chad Bartie – $1,000
6. Caswell Berry* – $2,000
7. Brandon Westgate – $1,000
8. Darrell Stanton* – $2,000
9. Taylor Smith – $1,000
10. Alex Olson* – $2,000
11. Felipe Gustavo – $1,000
12. Tom Fynn – $1,000
13. Morgan Smith – $1,000
14. Kevin Romar – $1,000
15. Helder Lima – $1,000

etnies Girl Jam Final Results
1. Rachel Reinhard – $2,500
2. Lacey Baker – $2,000
3. Leticia Bufoni – $1,500
4. Marisa Dal Santo – $1,000
5. Amy Caron – $600
6. Vanessa Torres – $400
7. Lorena Lima – $300
8. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins – $200

Zumiez Best Trick Contest Results
1. Rodolfo Ramos – Frontside 180 Switch Krooked Grind to Frontside Half Cab Out – $2,000
2. Julian Christianson – Nollie Heelflip to Feeble Grind – $1,500
3. Cody Davis – Kickflip Backside Smith to Backside 180 Out – $1,000

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Etnies Goofy vs. Regular

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

etnies goofy vs regularI have yet to go to a Etnies Goofy vs. Regular contest. But it’s without a shadow of a doubt, on my list of must sees. Hammers go down during Goofy vs. Regular and the star studded list of shredders is at an all time high. You really get into it because there is a huge sense of team camaraderie. You’re either Goofy or Regular footed, simple as that. And instead of rooting for your favorite skateboarder, you root for your favorite group of skateboarders. The ones you can relate to. The ones that skate the same way you or I do.

Also, if you’re lucky, you can get an extra pass to the Bad Religion show going down at the contest. Regular footers won last year and this year I feel the Goofy footers are going to take it. Well I hope they do anyways. Can you guess which way I skate?

Actually think about this for a second – Who is your favorite skateboarder in the world? Does he skate your stance? More than half the people I know have a favorite skateboarder with opposite the stance of them. Pretty trippy isn’t it? That means when they are sitting down watching a sweet video part from their favorite pro they are seeing everything inversed. So they can’t relate directly but they still favor the skateboarder. Kind of a random crazy thing to think about, yeah.

Well this year’s group of skateboarders is like I said, top notch and if you happen to be in the Lake Forest area check out the contest from October 2nd through the 5th.

I’m rooting for Goofy who are you rooting for?

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Etnies’ Fifth Annual GvR Skateboarding Contest

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Goofy or Regular? The debate between the right and left continues with etnies’ fifth annual GvR skateboarding contest taking place October 2-5, 2008 at the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, Calif. Started in 2004, GvR is the first and only team-oriented skateboarding contest in which Goofy-footed and Regular-footed skaters compete in an action-packed weekend of non-stop skating.

This year, many of the world’s best skateboarders, including Ryan Sheckler, Jereme Rogers and Chris Cole, will compete in the tie-breaking forum before a crowd of more than 15,000. Past competitors include Andrew Reynolds, Billy Marks, Nyjah Huston, Rick McCrank and Sean Malto. The event will be held at etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, a 40,000 square foot concrete haven boasting a street section, pools, music and free admission.

Each team captain will pre-qualify five skaters who will go straight to the final GvR competition. Saturday’s events will consist of qualifying rounds for the rest of the skaters from each team while Sunday will feature the final conflict of the stances after which the winning team will be announced settling the score once and for all…or at least until next year’s competition.

Team Captain SLAP Magazine’s Mark Whiteley put together the following crew of heavy hitters for the Regular Team’s starting five:

Ryan Sheckler
Andrew Reynolds
Chris Cole
Rick McCrank
Sean Malto

Goofy Team Captain and Skateboard Mag Editor-in-Chief Dave Swift is being elusive about his selection for his starting five skateboarders. Will Swift’s strategy of keeping his team roster secret as long as possible pay off with a win for Team Goofy?

Admission to GvR is free of charge and in addition to all-day skating, this year’s festivities include legendary punk rock band Bad Religion taking the stage with a special performance Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 8:00pm. Tickets to the Bad Religion concert are available at select etnies retailers throughout Southern California and while the performance is free, tickets are required for all admissions.

Everyone who attends GvR can also enjoy the Festival Village area which is open for the duration of the competition, and has something to do for everyone. Fans can enjoy food, activities and exhibits from sponsors including Grind for Life, Oakley, Keep-A-Breast, FUEL TV and more.

For the first time ever, gamers can compete in etnies’ GvR competition in Skate 2, being released for the PlayStation® 3 system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system in 2009. Developed by Black Box, a studio of Electronic Arts (EA), Skate 2 delivers all the grit, creativity and culture of skateboarding. EA Skate 2 doubles the bag of tricks and allows gamers to get off their board and move objects to create and share their ultimate skate spots.

For complete event details, ticket information, schedule, directions and the latest updates, check out: gvr.etniesskate.com

About etnies:
Established in 1986, etnies is the first skateboarder-owned and operated global action sports footwear and apparel company. etnies not only pushed the envelope by creating the first pro model skate shoe, but it pioneered technological advances and changed the face of skateboard footwear forever. Today etnies’ vision is to remain the leading action sports company committed to creating functional products that provide the most style, comfort, durability and protection possible. etnies stays true to its roots by sponsoring a world class team of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, moto x and BMX athletes and continues its dedication by giving back to each of these communities. For additional information, visit www.etnies.com.

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2008 ASR Recap

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Twice a year the action sports industry comes together to showcase and display what they have in store for the upcoming year. ASR, the Action Sports Retailers tradeshow, brings together not only the big players of the action sports industry, but gives up and coming brands the opportunity to launch their brands to the industries who’s who. One major difference that’s notable this year is the absence of the major footwear companies. Brands such as Sole Technology (Etnies, ES, Emerica), and Globe have opted out of attending the show. Being that ASR is heavily influenced by skate and surf brands, the absence of these brands is quite apparent. But this may be a grand opportunity for other brands to step up and shine in their place. With such a void of the presence, other themes and brands are catching people’s attention.

Noticeable surf brands that were showing what they could bring to the table were your obvious contenders, Quik, Bong, Hurley, Volcom, and Lost. There were a lot of other notable brands that also were making an unexpected presence at the show as well. Smaller brands that focus on surf like Ezekiel, Lost, and Fox all made the push to showcase their spring lines.

Since the main focus of the show is to highlight the spring lines, there was no shortage boardshorts, swimwear, walkshorts, tanks and tees. Bright colors and geometric graphics still prove to hold strong and look to continue through until next year. Neons and fluorescent colors seem to still highlight the slimmer shorter silhouettes of boardies and shorts. Always leading the pack and pushing the envelope with the boardshorts is Billabong. All the boardshorts on display looked to be leaning toward the shorter length, veering away from the standard over the knee boardies that have been the standard in the industry for many years. Jumbo all over graphics, mixing geometrics with animal prints, the Billabong assortment proved to be new and exciting while stilling to their roots as clean and wearable boardshorts.

billabong boardshorts

One notably cool disply on the ASR floor was the Quiksilver compound. They had a total of 4 booths at the show to exhibit their range of men’s, core, and woman’s divisions as well as a full set up for Roxy. Between this massive layout they displayed their timeline in boardshort history. The lounge exhibit held cases of boardshorts from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today to give buyers and visitors a like a brief history not only of what Quiksilver has brought to the surfing community, but how it shaped and set the standard for the industry throughout time. Most interesting of all was to see how the styles of today can truly be accredited to how things use to be as fashion has seem to come full circle within action sports.

quiksilver boardshorts

quik boardshorts

Though the show was much calmer this year, there was nothing subdued about the brands and activity that was still in attendance. It will be interesting to see how the industry moves into the Fall 2009 season. This week the east coast gets a taste of what is to come for the Spring 2009 season as we move to Orlando, Florida for Surf Expo.

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Etnies Goofy vs. Regular Hits the Snow

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

etnies goofy vs regularThe first ever GvR snowboarding event will be held this week in Big Bear, California. It is set to take place during Wide Open #5; a set of slopestyle, rail jams, and other events, will surround the GvR this week setting the mountain up for an insane showcase of snowboarding skills.

The GvR contest isn’t new to surfing and skating but, Etnies will bring it to the snow this year and will be featuring the best riders in the world. Included in the lineup of athletes is Travis Rice, Andy Finch, Eero Ettala, Shaun White, Andreas Wiig and Gigi Ruff to name a few. There is also set to be an open the morning before the main event to decide four amateur riders who will join the pro teams to determine which is better the Goofys or the Regulars. A prize purse of $50,000 is at stake, not to mention the pride of defending your stance. As an extra incentive to get up there and enjoy the events, free products will be given away at random during the contest.


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