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Koston and the Swoosh

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

So by now the entire world finally knows who Eric Koston has chosen to keep his feet covered with. Is it that much of a shocker though? And despite all of the hate that I am sure the man is getting, what would YOU have done? Would you turn down 1.5 million dollars? Would you even turn down $500,000 ?

The truth is at the end of the day, no matter what Koston decided to do he chose what he felt would be the most beneficial for him in this one-life he has here on earth. He’s still an amazing skateboarder no matter where he ended up. If anything, I would say Koston’s a smart man. I mean, to begin with he is one of the older dudes still throwing down. He has put so much effort and memories into the skateboarding industry that he deserves something big like this. And should we even question a pro shoe coming out? I bet there is already one complete and ready to ship as we speak.

Koston said it himself that when it came to shoe design, a lot of his previous kicks were modeled after Nike shoes. I am sure Koston will probably have the better looking Pro Nike shoe of them all.

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Nike 6.0 x 3 Inches of Blood Collab

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Nike 6.0 and Canadian heavy metal band, 3 Inches of Blood, have joined forces resulting in the darkest 6.0 shoe collab to date, the Blood Oncore High.

“The collaboration idea came directly from a few of our athletes who are obsessed with metal and 3IOB. The band was down for anything and even flew out to an event for a secret show. The kids went ballistic in the pit and were beyond psyched to meet and hang with the band after their performance. It was amazing to be able to bring everyone together and create some chaos!” said Nike product manager, Tim Reede.

The band chose Nike 6.0’s NEW Zoom Oncore High to translate their soundtrack of mayhem. Inspired by Viking folklore and mythical carnage, 3IOB worked with the product team on custom materials and colors. The upper, constructed with premium distressed battle-worn leather is mixed with sanguine accents and the muted greens of rot and pestilence. Metallic side panels simulate armor and warrior-shields, while the blood-red outsole and tongue are an ode to the band’s name.

The Blood Oncore High drops May 1st at select retailers.

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Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Oncore High

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Created as a performance action sports shoe, the Zoom Oncore High relies on the performance and durability of the original Oncore while taking style cues from Nike heritage. Slimmed down and turned up to eleven, the Zoom Oncore High features a full-height cuff with unique wing-like construction that allows the flexibility of a low-top with the added ankle support of a true high. A patented Zoom Air unit provides cushioning for maximum impact absorption and moisture wicking Outlast fabric kicks swamp foot to the curb.

nike air zoom oncore

Available May 1st. MSRP $90

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6.0 Lowers Pro Becomes First Ever ASP 6-Star PRIME on U.S. Mainland

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

The 6.0 Lowers Pro has upgraded to an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star PRIME for 2009 making it the first WQS PRIME-rated event ever on Mainland U.S.A. The prestigious event, one of only three 6-Stars on the ASP North America Tour and only eight 6-Star PRIMES around the world on the 2009 schedule, will take over Lower Trestles, San Clemente, Calif. for five days of competition from April 28th to May 2nd. A field of 128 men will vie for a $145,000 prize purse, including $20,000 for first place, and the most WQS ratings points possible.

“Elevating the 6.0 Lowers Pro to a 6-Star event is a huge benefit for all North American surfers and Nike 6.0 is beyond excited to be able to facilitate this,” says Nike 6.0 surf mentor, Jason Kenworthy. “Lowers provides a world-class stage for U.S. surfers to perform and secure critical tour points. This is huge.”

Running concurrently, the ASP Grade-2 Oakley Pro Junior will see 48 juniors (20 years and younger) battling for a $10,000 prize purse and two coveted qualifying spots into the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Finals. This will be the only U.S. qualifier for the prominent event, which gained notoriety last year due to its massive prize purse, professional format, and high caliber of qualifier location selections.

Ben Bourgeois (Carlsbad, CA) won the inaugural ASP WQS 4-Star 6.0 Lowers Pro last year beating out an impressive list of fellow finalists: Frederick Patacchia (North Shore, HAW), Joel Centeio (North Shore, HAW) and Patrick Gudauskas (San Clemente, CA).

Although there has never been a shortage of talent on tap at the event, this year’s upgrade from a 4-Star to a 6-Star PRIME has upped the ante, ensuring the talent will be even more remarkable and giving North American surfers a crucial opportunity to earn significant points towards qualifying for the World Tour.

Originating in 2007, PRIME is the highest possible ASP rating only given to competition venues considered to be at “prime” locations. Around the world, only eight locations have been identified as worthy of the rank in 2009. Infamous Lower Trestles, known for it’s perfect wide-open faces and idyllic California setting, is the first and only Mainland U.S. location to ever warrant the grade.

Although the 6-Star PRIME prize purse is the same as for a regular 5- or 6-Star event, the field is restricted to 128 competitors, and the ratings points are increased substantially. A 6-Star PRIME allocates 3,500 points for first place compared to the 2,500 offered for a basic 6-Star event.

Prior to 2008 when Nike 6.0 took over the title sponsor position, the storied Lower Trestles event had crowned victors including nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (Cocoa Beach, FL), three-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons (North Shore, HAW), Rob Machado (Encinitas, CA), Shane Beschen (San Clemente, CA), C.J. Hobgood (Melbourne Beach, FL) and Tom Curren (Santa Barbara, CA), to name a few.

In 2008, wildcard Sebastian Zietz (Hanalei, HAW) claimed the Oakley Pro Junior title over finalists Jason Harris (Huntington Beach, CA), Travis Beckmann (Vero Beach, FL) and Dusty Payne (Lahaina, HAW), earning him a spot into the inaugural Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Final in Bali.

This year, the Oakley Pro Junior at Lower Trestles will be the only North American qualifier for the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge, which has become the hot ticket destination for the world’s juniors this year. That, combined with the merging of the ASP North America and ASP Hawaii regional ratings for the 2009 Pro Junior division, suggests this event will pull in the best of the best.

Both the 6.0 Lowers Pro and Oakley Pro Junior will be webcast live for all five days of competition with legendary personalities Dave Stanfield, Peter Mel, Pat O’Connell, and other surprise guests, behind the microphone.

For more information about the 6.0 Lowers Pro, visit www.nike6lowerspro.com. For more about the Oakley Pro Junior, visit www.oakleyprojunior.com.

The 6.0 Lowers Pro and Oakley Pro Junior wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of sponsors. During these tough economic times, their commitment is even more appreciated. A special thank you goes out to presenting sponsors Nike 6.0 and Oakley, co-sponsor Red Bull, and media sponsors Surfer (surfermag.com), Surfing (surfingthemag.com), WaveWatch.com and FUEL TV.

About Nike 6.0:
Welcome to Nike 6.0 … a multi-action sports brand supporting the next generation. Our mission is simple: Instigate, inspire and elevate the next generation. The barriers that once existed between action sports have been reduced by those who skate, surf, and ride with equal and inclusive passion. 6.0 is dedicated to this new crop of athletes through our multi-sport team, innovative product, and events. From the streets to the surf, from the dirt to the park, Nike 6.0 symbolizes the creativity and progression inherent in the DNA of action sports. www.nike6.com

About Oakley, Inc.
Oakley, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance sunglasses, prescription lenses and frames, goggles and technology-enabled eyewear that utilize the company’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®), a collective platform of patented technologies that offer unbeatable optical performance. The company also produces technical and active apparel, footwear and accessories. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at www.oakley.com.

About Source Interlink Media’s Action Sports Group (ASG):
Reaching more than two million enthusiasts, Source Interlink Media’s Action Sports Group (ASG) is the dominant force in the action sports and adventure sports arenas. In addition to publishing leading lifestyle publications such as Surfer, Surfing, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, Bike, Powder and Canoe & Kayak, Source Interlink Media’s ASG delivers a cutting-edge network of online properties, events and television programming.

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Getting in the Loop’d

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Ever since I was little, growing up with skaters and surfers alike, my friends always wanted to find ways to get noticed and obtain sponsorships in the hope of one day turning pro. I cant tell you the countless hours we stayed at the beach, went to every contest, hung out and the skate parks just to see if anyone would take notice. These days with all the social networks available, there is an endless amount of exposure you can get if you just know how to market yourself right. But if you are just putting yourself out there on YouTube, Myspace, Facebook or what not, how are you sure that the key people in the action sports industry will find you. Where can you go to meet people who can point you in the right direction in your quest to someday be a sponsored rider?


One site that I’ve been following and is seemingly still pretty new to many in the industry is the Loop’d Network. Formerly Sponsorhouse.com, the Loop’d network has set it self up as not only a platform for individuals to get in contact and interact with companies, but to join communities and make friends with others that have the same love for their sport and lifestyle. The have communities for a whole spectrum of action sports from skate to surf to snow and everything in between.

The site, which recently underwent a rebranding effort, really focuses on self-promotion so you can #1 get noticed and connected with participating brands who are constantly on the lookout for new team athletes. Oakley, Nike 6.0, Monster Energy, and Fox are just a few of the brands putting themselves in the mix. Loop’d has been so successful that many of these brands have been participating on the site for years. Some even have dedicated websites setup for their hosted communities on Loop’d. From a business perspective, it’s a fascinating model that’s a win-win for both the advertising brands and Loop’d. For brands, they can create their own branded micro communities that have instant access to tap into the larger targeted audience that makes up the Loop’d community.

The site not only is a place to gather with kindred spirits and brands, they encourage you to come back by hosting numerous contests and supporting their partnered brands by linking up to their online stores. And guess who I found on Loop’d’s Myspace page, 5ones’ very own Ruben ‘Studdard’ Najera.

ruben najera on loopd

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Nike 6.0 Snags Tahiti’s Michel Bourez

Friday, February 20th, 2009

michel bourez

Nike 6.0 just did themselves a huge favor by signing Tahiti’s Michel Bourez. After getting into the WQS game with sponsorships of both events and athletes, 6.0 is stepping it up a notch as Bourez will be their first ever Dream Tour surfer.

6.0’s pick-up of Bourez will be huge for them on several fronts. Bourez turned some serious heads with his unreal performance at all-time Hale’iwa, securing himself a Triple Crown victory at the 2008 Reef Hawaiian Pro. In the process, the 22 year old Bourez sealed his rookie spot on the upcoming 2009 World Tour. That’s the same World Tour that holds an annual stop at a wave in Bourez’ homeland, a wave that he knows and surfs quite well: Teahupo’o. With that event being one of the most watched of the year, look for 6.0 to snag all sorts of air-time with all of the attention Bourez will be sure to draw.

I’m psyched on seeing surfers snag deals even as the economy continues to emit it’s awful stench. While hundreds and thousands are scraping by and losing their jobs, it’s super refreshing to see a surfer “gets it” and realizes what an opportunity it is to surf for a living. You better believe it, Michel Bourez is taking this job seriously.-

“I know the ASP World Tour is going to be very special and that every heat might require 200% of commitment to hope for any result. Then it will be about dealing with the pressure, the heat, the opponent, and it is going to be a lot different than on the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS). I know I will have to be smart and very careful with all the guys on tour because any mistake can cost a lot. I just hope everything goes the right way so I can start living my dream for real!”

Congratulations Michel Bourez, whether it’s on the ‘09 Dream Tour or just freesurfing epic waves around the world, we’re looking forward to seeing you blow up.

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Danny Kass Special Edition Nike ZF-1 Snowboarding Boot

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Nike Snowboarding has released the Danny Kass special edition, double toungue, DK-YS ZF-1 snowboarding boot, along with a lightweight shell and graphic tees. Featuring the original, seventies inspired, art of Arbito.

danny kass special edition nike snowboarding

“This was my greatest achievement to date in boot technology. The double tongue feature is the best way to keep those pants off the ground. It was great working together with the Nike team putting together such an amazing piece. The pattern is of a seventies flash back inspired by the music of that generation. With the old and new we bring you a very limited piece to make you feel good!” – Danny Kass

danny kass special edition snowboarding boot

Surely there’s more to the boots than just keeping your pants off the ground- otherwise you could just pull them off the bottom of your ass and problem solved.

danny kass nike zf-1

Check out the videos too.

[Via: Snowboarder Mag]

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Reef Hawaiian Pro Rolling, Carissa Moore Top Female at Haleiwa

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

bede durbidge reef hawaiian pro

The list of surfers vying for a win in opening leg of the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is being whittled down. At the moment, the Reef Hawaiian Pro is currently in the 4th round of action in a pretty fun looking 3-4 ft. swell at Haleiwa. For the most part the top surfers coming into the event have held their ground.

Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, and Bede Durbidge are the remaining surfers from the WCT Top 10. Both Mick Fanning and C.J. Hobgood got clipped early on in the 4th. Defending champion Roy Powers is on top of his game again at Haleiwa and looking like he intends on going back to back. With the first jewel in the Triple Crown and end of season WQS points on the line, the competition is sure to intensify as the event winds down. Be sure to catch the webcast as we get into the business end of the competition.

On another note, we just want to throw a huge congratulations out to Carissa Moore. Carissa killed it at Haleiea today, taking out living-legend Layne Beachley on her way to winning the women’s side of the event. With news of Carissa’s big new deal with Red Bull and Nike 6.0 recently breaking, The 16 yr. old Carissa has had herself a pretty smooth past couple of weeks

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Look Out! Nike 6.0 Here to $tay

Monday, November 17th, 2008

nike 6.0 logoThe deep pockets of Nike accelerated the integration process of their Nike 6.0 brand into the surfing industry. Their willingness to dig into those deep pockets means they’re probably going to be around a while.

16 yr. old Carissa Moore appears to be the latest of surfing’s bumper crop of young phenoms going with the brand that Jordan built. Evan Slater from Surfing wrote that “according to her longtime agent, Bryan Taylor, she’s agreed to terms on two major deals – one with Red Bull and the other with Nike 6.0….All said and done, the 16-year-old Punahou junior will likely be enjoying one of the most lucrative contacts in female pro surfing history (estimated to be in the range of three-quarters of a million dollars by one anonymous source).”

Nike 6.0 has already grabbed onto a solid number of up and coming rippers, such as Dusty Payne (recent winner Oakley Junior event in Bali), Koa Smith, and Nat Young (recent winner at O’Neill C.W.C.). They held nothing back and brought out all the stops (phone calls from Tiger, soccer kicks from Ronaldinho) in an unfruitful and well-publicized attempt to sign Jordy Smith last year. Their first ASP surf comp., the 6.0 Lowers Pro, went off smoothly in May and becomes a 6-star ‘QS event in ‘09. Now with the addition of Carissa to the women’s side of things, there are plenty of clear indications that Nike’s venture into the surf industry is one they are seriously committed to.

What does all of this mean? Nike wants in on the surf industry and is willing to freely drop the money to do it. By snagging onto as much of the junior talent as possible, as well as getting involved with the ASP tour circuit via the WQS, they are hoping to set themselves up for big things down the road. Will it work? It’s hard to say right now. While it’s cool to see surfing’s youngsters get financially rewarded in ways we’ve never before seen, the surf industry as a whole can be pretty fickle and it’s going to take more than star power and loads of cash to get the respect of surfers worldwide.

Whatever the outcome, Carissa Moore has to be seriously pumped on her huge new deal. She’s definitely quick to realize the magnitude of joining forces with a company that has all of the assets that Nike currently holds, even if they are unrelated to surfing, “It’s just an honor to be a part of such an incredible team. It’s very humbling when you look at the caliber of the athletes Nike sponsors.” Carissa Moore is now the newest one of those high caliber athletes and we all look for big things from her in the years to come.

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Dusty Payne Claims Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali (Video)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

It had been more than eight years since Hawaii’s 19 yr. old surfing prodigy Dusty Payne last won an event. Although he’s finished near the top many times over this span, most recently with his 3rd place finish at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge this past May at Trestles, the highly-touted Payne has been unable to find his way to the top of the podium. That streak came to an abrupt end today as Dusty surfed like a seasoned pro on his way to a huge victory at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali. “I haven’t won an event in so many years,” said Payne. “It’s the best feeling in the world. That’s why I still compete.”

dusty payne oakley pro junior

Keramas was firing near 6-8 ft. surf for the final, and the chance to surf the flawless right was as equally rewarding for Payne as the $20,000 prize Payne will be taking back to Maui. “It’s the best contest I’ve ever surfed in,” said Payne,”It’s been my dream to surf a contest at Keramas. The waves were just so good, I’m so stoked with how it turned out.”

Almost as stoked with the results of the event was runner-up Marc Lacamore from France. Lacamore, a goofy-footer from Hossegor, jumped out to an early lead in the final but was unable to withstand Dusty’s methodical shredding at Keramas. Although he won’t be going home with the win, Lacamore was all smiles after the event and received $7,500 from Oakley for his efforts. “I’m really happy right now,” said Lacamore. “Although I didn’t win I still posted a really good result against the world’s best juniors. Dusty has been surfing amazingly all week, so to go up against him in the final was incredible.”
All of the boys put on quite a show in Bali and our hats are off to every one of them. Congratulations to Hawaii’s Dusty Payne on his impressive victory at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali!

If you’ve yet to see just why it is Dusty Payne is turning heads with every wave he takes off on, take a look at this dirty little diddy from the Surfline Rising Stars series. The Nike 6.0/Volcom/Body Glove ripper is pure fire when he surfs!

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