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Rob Dyrdek Twitter Interview Today at 5:30

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The Rob Dyrdek interview we’re doing live over Twitter that we mentioned the other day is happening today (Thurs, May 28th) at 5:30 PST. That way it’s going to work is–we’re going to ask Rob a question over Twitter and he’ll answer the same way.

We’d like to give a shout-out to both our readers for participating & submitting a lot of good questions as well as DC Shoes for facilitating this interview and throwing in a pair of free DCs for the best reader question.

Make sure you’re following both Rob Dyrdek and 5ones on Twitter to keep up with the interview. We’ll also be posting a transcript after for those who miss it.

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Rob Dyrdek Twitter Interview: Win a Pair of DC Shoes

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

We’re pretty stoked about this: We’re going to be interviewing Rob Dyrdek live over Twitter. We’ll be asking all the questions on Twitter and Rob will be answering the same way. For those of you familiar with Twitter, you know that messages are limited to 140 characters. This provides a unique challenge being that each question asked by us will be limited to 140 characters and all answers by Rob will also be limited to 140 characters.

To our knowledge, we’ll be the first ones to conduct an interview live over Twitter like this. At least we’ve never seen it done. If you have, let us know and we’ll retract that statement. We’re trying to be innovative and cutting edge and all that schnaz.

Here’s the thing though; we don’t want to be the only ones asking the questions. We want you to have some fun too and help ask some of the questions. And to make it even more interesting, DC has graciously offered to throw in a free pair of shoes to the person who comes up with the best question, which will chosen by Rob.

So submit your questions below in the comments and we’ll narrow it down and use them the best in the interview. Remember though, each question is limited to 140 characters, so if you submit one longer, we won’t be able to use it.

Update: The interview will be going down on Thursday, May 28th in the evening. We’ll give you the exact time at a later date. Monday is the last day to submit your questions for a chance to win the DC shoes. There is no limit on the amount of questions you can submit.

Make sure you follow both 5ones and Rob Dyrdek on Twitter so you can see this go down.

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Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasies Run Deep Tour

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Rob is at it again with yet another cool idea. He’s running screenings of his latest flick “Street Dreams” which is said to depict the most accurate portrayal of a skateboarder’s life.

rob dyrdek fantasies run deep

Well, I would imagine he is meaning compared to everything else that’s been out there thus far. He will be touring with his celebrity cast of skateboarders and doing signings and demos along the way. There will be 23 stops throughout the United States starting in Huntington Beach, California.

The DC website is going to be HQ for the full details but they have yet to put any of the tour detail information up. I hope they choose to do a stop close by; I am fully interested in checking out this movie for myself. The final stop has been said to be in New York City on June 7th at the official DC store that they’ve got over there. The films theatrical release is on June 12th.

Now, I want to say it’s going to be in all theaters but I don’t think that would be quite accurate. It would be cool though, I mean if it’s as raw and true as they make it sound, it would be cool to see something not so cheesy for once. The only downside I could see to any of this would be that perhaps the acting in the movie will be quite horrible. Or who knows, maybe we are in for a surprise. Let’s see which one of the all star cast members is destined for some Jason Lee greatness.

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Rob Dyrdek To Hit U.S. For DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

This May, Pro Skateboarder and MTV star Rob Dyrdek will cross the U.S. for his DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour presented by Street Dreams.

Over 23 days, the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour will make 10 stops across the U.S. beginning May 16th in Huntington Beach, Calif. Dyrdek will visit retail stops across the country for meet and greets, autograph signings and screenings. The tour will wrap up at DC’s Soho Store in New York City on June 7th, the day before the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, Street Dreams.

As his latest endeavor in the world of entertainment Dyrdek wrote, produced and financed Street Dreams, his first full-length feature film about an up-and-coming skateboarder and his dreams. With a cast of professional skateboarders that includes Dyrdek, Paul Rodriquez, Ryan Sheckler, Terry Kennedy and Ryan Dunn, Street Dreams is truly the first story to accurately depict the realities of life as a street skateboarder to a mainstream audience. In advance of the film’s theatrical release on June 12th, Dyrdek will screen the film to limited audiences during the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour.

A full schedule and locations of the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour can be found at www.dcshoes.com. Along with photos, videos and the Street Dreams trailer, fans can register at dcshoes.com for Dyrdek’s Facebook, Myspace and Twitter where they can receive info on the tour and exclusive promos. Visitors can also shop all of DC and Dyrdek’s current product and sign up for updates on his upcoming Dyrdek Collection that launches October 2009.

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Highest Paid Action Sports Athletes

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Have you ever wondered just how much your favorite action sports athletes are getting paid to “work”? I know I have. Thanks to Forbes Magazine we can all get a little insight into just how much these pros are raking in every year.

Action sports stars are starting to get noticed by a broader audience, and that has meant bigger paychecks, thanks to rich sponsorship deals.

shaun white lamborghini

Topping the list, and not to anyone’s surprise, is Tony Hawk. Shaun White’s not far behind though and at the rate he’s going, it won’t be more than a couple years before he passes up Mr. Hawk.

shaun white lambo

The list is rounded out as follows…

1. Tony Hawk – $12 mil/year
2. Shaun White – $9 mil/year
3. Ryan Sheckler – $5 mil/year
4. Travis Pastrana – $3 mil/year
4. Kelly Slater – $3 mil/year
6. Laird Hamilton – $2.5 mil/year
7. Paul Rodriquez – $2 mil/year
8. Danny Kass – $1 mil/year
8. Dave Mirra – $1 mil/year
8. Travis Rice – $1 mil/year

Excluded from the list are women athletes, not because Forbes is sexist, but they just don’t make the cutoff of earning $1mil or more per year. The highest paid females are estimated at making about $750,000 per year. Also notably missing from the list is Rob Dyrdek. His MTV shows, combined with his endorsements, are surely netting him at least a cool mil every year. Is there anyone else you can think of that is missing from the list?

Remember kids–if you want to grow up to be rich and successful, forget about spending 20 years in school to become a doctor or lawyer. Just drop out and build a vert ramp in your backyard.

shaun white lamborghini
Photo Credit: Kevin Ou

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Lafayette Skate Safe Plaza Coming Late Feb ‘09

Friday, February 6th, 2009

lafayette skate safe plazaThe city of Los Angeles will be welcoming a new skate plaza to its vicinity. Rob Dyrdek, DC Shoes, and a massive donation from the dudes running Carl’s Jr. have thrown in the cash for this gem. It will all be completed late February of 2009 , later this month.

I am absolutely mind boggled as to how fast it’s the construction is going to be done. Not only that, but I didn’t even know they were working on another plaza. This one promises to have more of a regular street-spot-flowing feel to it. By the sounds of it; stairs, ledges, and benches will all be a staple in the new plaza. But there also seems to be the customization factor to it; I’m sure that means you can bring in your own obstacles as well and no one would trip on you rearranging things. Sounds pretty awesome to me and a definite add on to the many lists of skate spots I still need to skate. This new plaza will be called the Lafayette Safe Spot.

Perhaps there’s a chain of hassle free skate safe spots to come in the future? I hope so. This is a trend I could definitely get used to! For now, let our mouths water for the temptation of getting our shred on at Lafayette and maybe even go out and support Carl’s Jr. and buy ourselves a Famous Star? Mmmmm.. Yummy….

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Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

rob dyrdek fantasy factoryI remember hearing a rumor that Rob and Big were going to split up, due to personal differences. Not sure if that was true or not but if it was, it seemed to spark an entirely different type of outcome.

Rob Dyrdek has a new show coming out that is plain outrageous! The entire show takes place in his warehouse, or “Fantasy Factory,” as he likes to call it. And it is absolutely amazing! An indoor skate plaza, massive mega ramp to ball pit, his offices built indoors, and even what looks like a giant blob like trampoline.

Rob Dyrdek went over the top for this show and it all starts on MTV in January. I personally think the show is a rad idea. Just watching skateboarding and all the antics that come alongside Rob’s crazy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed the Rob & Big show but since another season won’t be happening, probably ever again, I am totally down to settle with this new idea. Some of the older characters still carried through onto this show as well. Meaty his dog had a puppy and I think his cousin Drama is still going to be up in the mix.

You got to hand it to Rob, pulling off his own show and making more money skateboarding than he could have ever probably imagined. If you had the opportunity to do the same you know you would too. And the indoor skate plaza idea was top notch. Honestly I have no idea why someone didn’t do that before. It was always possible and probably better overall. You don’t have to worry about spending more money in the long run repairing the torn up wood. Dyrdek is the man, hands down. Check out the video and peep out his board wall its amazing.

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Maloof Money Cup Results

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Maloof Money Cup - Ryan ShecklerLet me start off by saying that I’ve never witnessed this much nonstop skateboarding action in one weekend. From the prelims to the finals, tricks were being thrown down about every 3 seconds. The level of skateboarding was top notch and just about every name on the star studded list of skateboarders was there competing, minus Rob Dyrdek who was present but not competing.

Chris Cole beat out Eric Koston for the $15,000 in the Es Game of Skate. Lacey Baker took home $25k for her victory in the women’s division. PLG took the pro-vert competition and left home with a whooping $75k, a $10k Nixon watch, and a brand new SUV to haul all his cash home in.

When it came down to the men’s street competition, many of us had one individual on our mind. Nyjah Huston! He threw down a backside big flip down the 16 stair rail which was just ridiculous. On top of that, he threw down a barrage of tricks down the stairs and rail. One-upping Sheckler various times as well. He ended up with second though, and the first place trophy and the massive prize money of $100k went to Paul Rodriguez. Paul skated really well, especially in the final round. I would’ve really hated to have been a judge at this contest. Too many individuals were executing flawless tricks back-to-back. There were so many hammers laid down it was mind boggling. My personal favorite to watch during the entire competition was Dennis Busenitz. The dude was skateboarding throughout the entire course going 40 mph full speed. He was seriously ollieing over obstacles that weren’t even meant to be ollied, it was insane. Watching Andrew Reynolds pull off his legendary tricks first try down some of the biggest obstacles there was something that left us all with goosebumps. I mean, first try frontside flip over the 16 rail to flat?!?! Insane!

I could definitely go on what seems like forever about this event. So much action happened and every individual skateboarder had some highlights worth mentioning. The Maloof Money Cup was a star studded amazing skateboarding event. Top notch course and riders with the biggest cash purse ever. Check out their website for full highlights. I believe it will even air on CBS soon as well, so be sure to check it out on your home television.

Update: As noted below in the comments that Maloof Money Cup will air this coming Sunday at 3PM EST.

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Maloof Money Cup Course Revealed

Friday, June 13th, 2008

maloof money cup street courseA fully rendered image of the street course at the Maloof Money Cup has been revealed and it looks amazing! The course was designed by Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, and Rob Dyrdek. If that’s not a legit group of designers, I don’t know what is.

It’s awesome that we finally see a course designed by pro street skateboarders. Now I wish we could all get a chance to skate it at least once before they destroy it after the comp. I love the layout, the entire course looks amazing to skate. They even got what looks like a mock up of a Carlsbad gap on the far right corner. You can definitely see the street skateboarding influence in the design of the course. The ledges with the drop offs, the gap to bank, the tech section, and even a mini spine to rail.

They should design more skateparks with these kinds of obstacles built in. I know there’s the DC skate plaza which is more of a street based skatepark, but this 3 day park just looks and feels more street. They did a really good job and I cant wait to see what them – and the rest of the skaters – throw down on all the obstacles. There is so much innovation that can go down during the contest. Everyone be prepared to see one hell of a skateboard contest. I could say I have my predictions as to who I think will win but honestly I have no idea, it’s anyones game.


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