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Shaun White’s Private Halfpipe

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Not that we ever doubted the rumors of Shaun White having a private halfpipe hidden deep in the Colorado mountains, but with the recent pictures floating around the web, that rumor is now confirmed.

shaun white secret halfpipe

The pipe sits at an elevation of 12,300 feet, making it the highest pipe ever. It cost over $500k to construct and was funded by both Red Bull and Oakley. No surprise that Red Bull is behind something like this. Red Bull has also rented Shaun a house in a nearby town and pays for a heli to transport him up there everyday. Not to mention covering the cost of avi control (take a look above the pipe). Apparently the pipe is open to all Red Bull and Oakley riders, not just Shaun.

The other day when we wrote about Shaun White making an estimated $9 million per year, we apparently were only telling half the story. The number is obviously a lot higher when you consider all the amazing perks he gets. Between the house, the pipe, the heli trips, and avi control… that alone has gotta add at least another milli for Mr. White.

Forget being a pro ball player, becoming a professional snowboarder is the new dream.

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Highest Paid Action Sports Athletes

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Have you ever wondered just how much your favorite action sports athletes are getting paid to “work”? I know I have. Thanks to Forbes Magazine we can all get a little insight into just how much these pros are raking in every year.

Action sports stars are starting to get noticed by a broader audience, and that has meant bigger paychecks, thanks to rich sponsorship deals.

shaun white lamborghini

Topping the list, and not to anyone’s surprise, is Tony Hawk. Shaun White’s not far behind though and at the rate he’s going, it won’t be more than a couple years before he passes up Mr. Hawk.

shaun white lambo

The list is rounded out as follows…

1. Tony Hawk – $12 mil/year
2. Shaun White – $9 mil/year
3. Ryan Sheckler – $5 mil/year
4. Travis Pastrana – $3 mil/year
4. Kelly Slater – $3 mil/year
6. Laird Hamilton – $2.5 mil/year
7. Paul Rodriquez – $2 mil/year
8. Danny Kass – $1 mil/year
8. Dave Mirra – $1 mil/year
8. Travis Rice – $1 mil/year

Excluded from the list are women athletes, not because Forbes is sexist, but they just don’t make the cutoff of earning $1mil or more per year. The highest paid females are estimated at making about $750,000 per year. Also notably missing from the list is Rob Dyrdek. His MTV shows, combined with his endorsements, are surely netting him at least a cool mil every year. Is there anyone else you can think of that is missing from the list?

Remember kids–if you want to grow up to be rich and successful, forget about spending 20 years in school to become a doctor or lawyer. Just drop out and build a vert ramp in your backyard.

shaun white lamborghini
Photo Credit: Kevin Ou

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Shaun White, Travis Rice, and Pat Moore Ring Closing Bell on WallStreet

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Shaun White, Travis Rice, and Pat Moore were all business yesterday as they had the honor of ringing the NASDAQ closing bell to help kick off the Red Bull Snowcrapers event.

shaun white travis rice pat moore closing bell

While the rest of the market continues to tank– these guys’ stock just keeps going up. Make sure you don’t miss the Snowscrapers event today in all it’s HD glory at 3PM/6PM EST online at Fuel.tv.

[Via: NASDAQ.com]

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Red Bull Snowscrapers in NYC

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

red bull snowscrapers

Red Bull has once again taken things to another level with the much hyped and anticipated Red Bull Snowscrapers that’s set to go off tomorrow in New York City. It’s something you don’t want to miss so here are several ways to catch it– If you’re in NY, go see it live. Otherwise, Fuel TV is webcasting it live in HD, you can watch it on the Red Bull webcast, or if you have DirectTV you might find it on MSG TV. It will also be rebroadcast on NBC February 15th.

On Thursday, February 5th, 16 of the world’s best snowboarders will compete for their piece of the massive $100,000 prize purse at Red Bull Snowscrapers. Athletes will compete against the majestic backdrop of the New York City skyline in the East River Park from 6-9 pm. The local thrash heavy metal band Anthrax is set to perform.

Travis Rice and Shaun White will both be throwing down for the hundred-gees as well as many other rippers, including: Pat Moore, Terje Haakonsen, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Jake Blauvelt, JJ Thomas, to name a few.

The jump is a step up hip, set against the backdrop of Manhattan. It’s a jam session, which is defo the way to format a comp like this one. Instead of being judged on the best of a couple runs, the riders will be able to throw down as many runs as they can squeeze in. The rider who impresses the most, wins.

Photo: Quiksilver

We’re big fans of these creative and progressive events that Red Bull consistently puts on. They do an awesome job at pushing the limits, blowing minds, and bringing huge exposure to our sports. This is the first time snowboarding at a level like will be seen in NYC so huge props to Red Bull for making it happen.

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X-Dance Film Festival Day 3

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

x-dance film festival

Yet another strong line up at X-Dance yesterday that also included a very informative panel discussion with some industry media big wigs. The highlight of the night was definitely Shaun White’s new movie, Don’t Look Down.

X-Dance Institute Filmmakers Panel
The panel was moderated by X-Dance Director, Brian Wimmer, and included Shon Tomlin from Fuel TV, Chris Cote from Transworld Surf, Mick Hamilton from Transworld Snow, Eric Barrett from X-Dance, and Michael Starivan from Bonnier Corp. Most of the discussion was focused around piracy issues. It’s obviously a huge problem as Brain mentioned that Bra Boys lost over $800k from piracy issues alone. Surprisingly, most of the media guys are realizing there is nothing they can do to stop piracy so they’re focusing on ways to monetize beyond DVD sales. Some are even embracing it by spreading the content out there themselves, which makes sense because at least this way it can be tracked and monitored. It’s going to get out there anyways, right.

Another key takeaway from this discussion was from Eric. He’s also a producer for commercials and he said that two years ago, only about 5% of his clients were working on commercials for the internet, now it’s around 60%.

Rip City
The first movie I made it to was Rip City, a film that tells the story of Portland through the eyes of eight skaters who live in Portland. This was an excellent film and I noticed in the credits that it’s associated with Fuel TV. I haven’t heard anything about it airing on there yet, but I’d watch for that. What impressed me most about this film was that it was shot completely on a DV cam, not HD. One of our contributors, Caleb, is actually from Portland so I’m going to send him my copy of this disc so that he can review more in depth at a later time. Makes sense, considering he’s a part of that scene and all. Great story though.

Between the Lines
Some of our readers may know of Scott Bass. He’s the dude down at Cardiff Reef who likes to pull sharks out of the water with his bare hands, or so the legend goes. He’s also one of the main producers of this epic movie which tells the story of several surfers during the Vietnam War era who struggle with the decision of going off to fight in a war or dodging the draft to stay behind and live the dream. I totally respect the decision of anyone that refused to fight in that war, regardless of what the law was back then. That’s a choice and a freedom that all of us should have and can’t think of anything more pointless than two dudes killing each other. If you’re looking for raw surf footage to get amped for a sesh, this movie isn’t for you. But if you want to hear a very interesting story about a very controversial topic that’s told from several points of view, I guarantee this film will satisfy. It’s a movie that every surfer should see at least once.

Inside Teahupoo
‘Chopes is a fascinating wave, whether you surf or not. And this is a fascinating movie about Teahupoo that follows Jaime O, Ian Walsh, Raimana, and other big wave surfers as they test out Red Bull’s revolutionary 360 degree camera. Add to it, one of the biggest swells in five years and it’s on for one of the meanest and heaviest waves in the world. Now this is a movie that’s chuck full of raw surfing footage that will amp just about anyone. And next time you complain about getting pounded by a little 4-footer, just turn this on and watch Maya Gabeira get crushed by a few of Teahupoo’s gnarliest. And yet she keeps going back for more. Check out the site Red Bull put together to see some of the footage of Inside Teahupoo.

Shaun White: Don’t Look Down
Definitely the highlight of the night. Unfortunately, Shaun didn’t make an appearance but that didn’t stop this from being an awesome screening. Shaun is such an incredible athlete and in my opinion, deserves to be up there with the likes of Kelly Slater, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and the other greats. This is a documentary style film that follows Shaun around for a whole year. Everything from not winning (for once) at Winter X, to traveling to Africa to chill with the locals, to winning the gold at X-Games skate vert, to the business side of Shaun. It’s a tale of both the ups and downs and it’s really incredible to get inside the mind of such an amazing human being that excels at everything he does. His competitive drive is second to none. The only thing this film lacked was footage of Shaun freeriding, which I guess he doesn’t really get to do much of anyways as it’s too much of an injury risk. That’s something we’d all like to see more of from Shaun in the future. This DVD is a must buy.

The Don’t Look Down screening was followed by an after party put on by X-Games. Not much to say but more open bar and good times.

Day 1 coverage of X-Dance.
Day 2 coverage of X-Dance.

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Shaun White Shredding Powder?

Monday, March 10th, 2008

shaun white powderAs we all know, Shaun White is an X-Games superstar (with 12 medals under his belt) and is famous for his pipe and park riding abilities. Because of this, one may wonder what Shaun is doing spending all his time these days in B.C. and Japan ripping powder. Well maybe, not so much, as there’s really nothing that comes close to the sensation of shredding the pow. Would you not agree?

After the X-Games Shaun headed up to B.C. to get some time in hitting gnarly lines and shredding pillows. I guess he was just warming up for the trip he and the Red Bull crew were planning to Japan. Since landing in Tokyo on the 14th of February, Shaun and his crew have been by blessed by storm after storm, one dumping up to four feet in 24 hours. Wow! At times, they were getting so much snow that they were stuck inside the lodge and couldn’t even board.

Professional snowboarders like Shaun have a-hell-of-a job if you ask me, waiting for record snow falls to clear up so you can ride powder deep enough to sink the Titanic. Hiking, building, and hitting drops all are in a hard days work. While part of the crew has split up, Shaun and the rest are off to Tokyo to continue on with their trip, check out full stories and picture at Shaun White’s official website.

shaun white

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