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Skullcandy Headphones: Something for Everyone

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Lately a lot of companies have stepped into the headphone game, Nixon being the most notable. But the first company to really step behind skateboarding and other boardsports by supporting our riders has been Skullcandy.

skullcandy headphones

With quality products and super legit team riders you know they’ve been cooking up a recipe for greatness. Take for example, their skate team: Greg Lutzka, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Stevie Williams, Lizard King, Corey Duffel, Jimmy Marcus, Lauren Perkins, Adam Dyet, Rune Glifberg, and recent Maloof Money Cup vert winner, PLG! Pretty much an allstar cast of skateboarders riding for this company and for good reason too.

If you’ve never really had the desire to try out a set of Skullcandy headphones, you may want to seriously reconsider. Honestly, they have tons of different styles and I know for a fact that they have something for everyone.

Need some ear buds? Why not try out their “Smokin Buds” or the amazing “Full Metal Jacket” headphones. The Full Metal Jackets have this super awesome unique silver braided cord which I dig completely. The noise reduction of everything else around you is incredible.

If the DJ circuit is more of your style, they have some rad looking ‘phones for you too. Everything from the smaller built “Lowriders” to the “SK PRO” for real serious enthusiasts. The “T.I.” and “G.I.” headphones are also really good DJ type headphones and they come in a vast array of color mixes.

There is even a “Jim Phillips” collaberation graphic on a set of “Skullcrushers”. Basically if you want it they got it.

Check out their website and jump aboard the Skullcandy locomotive.

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Maxell Belly Flops Into Action Sports

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Maxell, I’m sorry but your weak ass attempt to capitalize on a buzzword will be met with much resistance. Those of us whose life revolves around action sports, don’t exactly respond positively to brands that are obviously clueless when it comes to what we do.

Maxell has introduced a new line of Action Sports headphones offering active consumers comfort while delivering premium sound. Designed with fitness in mind, the Action Sports line is ideal for intense activities like cross-training, running, spinning and aerobics, just to name a few. The line of Maxell Action Sports headphones are constructed with water-resistant and sweat-resistant materials that prevent moisture from damaging the audio device…

Because nothing says action sports like running, spinning, and aerobics.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Maxell is also announcing today that they’re dumping millions into sponsoring major action sports events such as the Action Sports Pro Tour and the X-Games.

“Maxell’s sponsorships of extreme sports, music and film mirror the interests and lifestyle choices of our target audience,” said Cheryl Severini, senior marketing manager at Maxell.

Here’s hint #2- we (your target audience) stopped using the phrase “extreme sports” some time around 1991, which coincidentally was about the last time I bought anything from Maxell. Nothing says you don’t get it quite like the word ‘extreme’. At least be consistent with using the term action sports.

Oh, and one last thing. Cool flame graphics went out around ‘91 as well.

…Additional prizes include a custom designed Maxell-branded skateboard featuring the blow-away icon in flame red, gray and cool white graphics…

While we appreciate your attempt; We, and I speak for all us, will probably just stick to Skullcandy and Nixon for our headphone needs. At least they’re authentic action sports brand that are genuinely interested in supporting the community. Peace and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Skullcandy Lands the Boss Dogg

Monday, January 5th, 2009

skullcandySkullcandy, the Park City based company who made headphones cool again, just announced a deal with both Snoop Dogg and Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys).

Skullcandy, a developer of core audio products, is stoked to announce Snoop Dogg and Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys as its headliners at this year’s SIA show in Las Vegas.

Not only that, but Snoop and Mix Master will also collaborate with Skullcandy to launch their own signature headphones.

Skullcandy will introduce Snoop Dogg fans to a whole new world of music listening as they partner with the rapper for his own Skullcrusher—an extreme base amplified headphone. Skullcandy will also be creating a DJ headphone from scratch for Mix Master Mike.

I guess the answers the question on what they’re doing with all the capital they recently raised. Expanding rapidly outside the action sports market.

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Plug In and Listen Up – Action Sports Brands Turning Up The Volume in Headphone Sales

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

During these uncertain economic times, everyone is trying to figure out a new avenue to keep their brand hot and alive. As we get closer to the holiday season you can check out all the new and fresh garb that are hitting the store in most magazines that are putting out Holiday 2009 gift guides. Accessories have always been a great go to gift item, and are particularly featured around this time a year, because they are relatively inexpensive and usually pretty universal. One noticeable item that has been up and coming in the action sports community have been headphones. Everyone has an MP3 player or cell phone that cranks out tunes, it’s a win/win market to get into if you want to have your brand exposed in new ways that appeals not just to the core customer, but to anyone as long as it looks cool. This tread isn’t anything new, it has been present and quite establish among urban/hip hop lifestyle brands. The first to really break into the action sports market really did it right. Skull Candy has been able to transcend the clothing brands and has become a commodity that really targets the younger demographic, especially in the action sports community.

They have been able to market themselves within the industry and have not only collaborated with name brands and athletes; they are in major retailers everywhere. The “ear bud” has pretty much become their signature item, even though they were not the first to come out with them. I was on Jack’s Surf Shop’s website and they even have a dedicated section for Skull Candy. CCS even has an exclusive Skull Candy backpack available, a brand totally outside of their core roots. They are not the only brand that has entered into this market with success. Clothing brands like WESC have taken this idea and make it their own. They offer not only a wide selections of styles, but have started styling these items much like they do their clothing line, by mixing patterns, color blocking, and using new and creative art placements that represent their creative vision.

Accessories giant Nixon is on the path to join ranks with the launch of their own headphone line this December. More than just watches and wallets, Nixon will be able to connect with a larger demographic enabling the brands identity exposure to a whole new market.

noxon headphones

With this new trend and the industry trying to branch out into new territory, no doubt we will see other brands follow suit. The question remains, how well will these image-based brands hold up in the sea of heavy weights such as Bose, Sony, and other electronic companies. If the industry continues to show support and stand behind this trend, especially in your local shops and retailers, there may be longevity for the new bread of action sports oriented headphones yet.

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