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Backcountry.com’s Brociety Launches Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


BROCIETY.com, Backcountry’s latest “Im so effing cheap you can’t pass me up” site specifically geared for snowboarding launches tomorrow Feb 19th. This is their latest WOOT similar site since WhiskeyMilitia.com and it will take all the snow specific gear from WhiskeyMilitia and offer only that on its pages. The reason stated by Mike Geraci Backcountry’s PR,

“In the past, snowboarders had to sift through the sometimes seemingly endless surf and skate deals at WhiskeyMilitia before a prime piece of snowboard gear came online,” says Backcountry.com PR’s Mike Geraci. “This made snowboarders frustrated…So, Brociety is pure snowboard gear all day, every day, and WhiskeyMilitia shifts to skate/surf only…hopefully everyone is happy.”

Makes sense to have a snowboard only site as it is one of, if not the, most expensive action sports. I got no problems paying $80 for $250 bindings or $35 for a pair of $180 Goggles. They also shared in the press release…

“Brociety.com may be cash-saving ecstasy for snowboarders, but manufacturers also dig the ODAT model because the ODAT set-up moves their products without hammering brand equity. The limited-time availability forces people to act, so gear sells fast. This keeps the product pipes clear and reduces retail backup and overstock.”

When Whiskey first launched there was a lot of talk about how it may hurt brands by offering stuff at such a cheap price but Whiskey has proven to help brands by moving caseloads of their leftovers in as little as an hour’s time. This model isn’t going anywhere and there is still room for other companies to do this as well, I don’t know why they aren’t. There could easily be a sustainable Surf only site, Womens Apparel, and Skate Site. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started adding one niche site a year. They also own, ChainLove (bike stuff), TramDock (skiing), and Steep and Cheap (outdoor stuff).

Via: TransWorld Business

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Whiskey Militia: Holiday Gift Steals One at a Time

Friday, December 12th, 2008

whiskey militia

Whiskey Militia, the one-blowout-deal-at-a-time website that’s gained a cult like following since we first covered their launch a 18 months ago, is a great place to score some fresh holiday gifts for your amigos at up to 80% off retail. And in this economy, you need to watch all of your pennies so you at least have a few bucks left to get weird with come New Year’s Eve.

If you’ve never heard of WhiskeyMilitia.com then let me introduce you to a new addiction. Be careful though, it can be harder to kick than crack. Whiskey Militia is the brainchild of Backcountry.com who knocked off the idea from the original “one deal at a time” website, Woot. The concept is to blow out overstocked items one killer deal a time. When that item is sold, it’s taken down from the site and a new item is listed. Discounts often range from 50% off suggested retail to as much as 90% off. WhiskeyMilitia.com also has a couple of sister sites, ChainLove (bike stuff), TramDock (skiing), and Steep and Cheap (outdoor stuff).

Since Whiskey Militia launched, I’ve dropped who knows how many thousands of dollars on everything from t-shirts, to wetsuits, to life-jackets, to a new snowboard. I usually don’t even need the stuff I buy, it’s just to hard to resist buying it when you’re getting such a good deal.

There’s still plenty of time left to grab some dope holiday gifts from WhiskeyMilitia.com. Your brother probably won’t even know you’re a cheap ass either, he’ll just be stoked on his dope present that he’ll think you spent way more on than you did. And just think, you can hit up the bar with the cash you saved and it’ll be just like drinks are on him.

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WhiskeyMilitia.com: A Woot Clone

Friday, July 13th, 2007

WhiskeyMilitia.comSalt Lake City based WhiskeyMilitia.com launched today. The way this site works is that it offers one unique blowout deal every day. Every night at midnight there is a new piece of clothing or gear listed on the site at a clearance price. But that item is only available for 24 hours or until it’s sold out, whichever comes first.

Whiskey Militia is very similar to the highly successful Woot, not that there is anything wrong with that. They certainly aren’t the first company to apply the idea to a unique niche and they certainly won’t be the last. The only difference is that Woot is exclusive to tech and gadget items.

The one thing I don’t like about Whiskey Militia is that it displays the number of items left. Woot doesn’t do this, although they do have an animated bouncing icon when supplies are limited. The reason I don’t like that they display quantity is that it takes out that urgency to make an impulse purchase. If I look and see that 100 t-shirts are left in my size I might decide to hold off on my purchase only to later forget or change my mind. It also adds a little more fun not knowing how many items are left because supplies could literally be gone any second.

There is still a little bit to be desired on the execution of WhiskeyMilitia.com but overall they did a pretty decent job. I’m more interested to see how their marketing strategy is going to play out. Will they be able to garner the same grassroots vibe and cult following that Woot has? I’m not sure but I’m excited to see that someone has taken a successful Internet model and brought that to our industry.

Update: I just noticed they’re offering back to back deals all day long. I’m seeing some pretty sick deals on some sick gear.


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